Due to the rich wildlife and biodiversity, Sea Lion Island is designated as a National Nature Reserve and is recognised as one of twenty-two internationally Important Bird Areas in the Falkland Islands. The Island is also one of two Falklands’ designated internationally important wetland sites (Ramsar Convention). Sea Lion Island has always had rodent-free status, assuring its natural ecological balance and function of the Island.

Sea Lion Island is the most southerly inhabited island in the Falkland archipelago. The Island was farmed with sheep between 1905 until the 1980s. The farmhouse, which is now the staff house, was built from an old sailing shipwreck, the British vessel Viscount, which wrecked here in 1892. During 2007 with a growing interest in the nature of the Island, the last remaining sheep were removed leaving the island exclusively for nature. As a result, the native grasses have thrived, providing shelter for numerous wildlife, including many of the smaller songbirds.

In 1982, the British warship HMS Sheffield was sunk 40 miles south east of Sea Lion Island by Argentine Forces. A memorial dedicated to the 20 crew of HMS Sheffield who lost their lives can be found near the southern tip of the Island at Bull Hill near to the southern rockhopper penguin colony.

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