Sea Lion Island is valued for its incredible wildlife diversity which reflects the Island’s high quality native habitats and its lack of rats and other introduced predators. Its rodent-free status assures the survival of numerous small bird species including the endemic Cobb’s wren and tussac bird. Approximately 40 breeding birds are found here, including seabirds such as the southern rockhopper, Magellanic and gentoo penguins, southern giant petrels and Falkland skua.

The wetlands on the Island support populations of silvery grebe, chiloë wigeon, speckled and silver teal and Patagonian crested duck. Many shore birds are also found such as the rufous-chested dotterel and two-banded plover.

In terms of marine mammals, the Island hosts two species of breeding seals; the southern sea lion and the southern elephant seal, which in turn attracts the famous pods of killer whales that hunt them. And lastly, there are more than 56 flowering plants on Sea Lion Island, including two Falkland endemics, as well as the nationally important stands of high quality tussac and blue grass.

When observing and photographing wild animals please remember to follow the Countryside Code at all times.

For more information on what wildlife appears through the summer please download our Sea Lion Island Wildlife Calendar.

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