Sea Lion Lodge is working hard to improve its environmental sustainability for the benefit of the Island and our guests. In close collaboration with Falkland Islands Development Corporation, and more recently with Falkland Islands Holidays, we arrange annual tussac planting weekends with local volunteers. In total there is approximately 228 hectares of native tussac grasslands at Sea Lion Island.

Tussac habitat supports a healthy coastal ecosystem, and with its ability to store and remove considerable amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, has a huge role towards the sustainability of tourism at Sea Lion Island.

The renewable energy capacity is increasing, alongside an existing wind turbine and solar water heating system, new solar panels were erected in September 2018 which are capable of generating up to 4 kw of electricity. Our water is pumped with very little energy cost from a fresh spring located near to the Lodge and all the lighting in the Lodge is low-energy. Where possible we source food products organically and sustainably from within the Falklands. All organic waste is composted and used for the Lodge’s garden.

Sea Lion Lodge supports the long-term monitoring carried out by resident scientists of the Elephant Seal Research Group, and since 2009, an Environmental Management Plan has been in place to guide conservation and research, including on-going monitoring and practising good biosecurity.

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