The Island is operated solely for wildlife and wilderness tourism. With only one Lodge on the Island you will be assured of privacy wherever your day takes you – whether that is finding solitude on one of the majestic white sandy beaches, immersing in photography, hiking and exploring the Island, or simply relaxing in the comfortable Lodge.

The Lodge

Sea Lion Lodge was opened on the 7th January 1988 by the Right Honourable Lord Shackleton (the youngest son of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous Antarctic explorer)…

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Tours & Hiking

The Lodge is located towards the eastern end of the Island with gentoo penguin colonies on its doorstep. It is also within easy walking distance of the sandy beaches that are home to the southern elephant seals…

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The Wildlife

Sea Lion Island is valued for its incredible wildlife diversity which reflects the Island’s high quality native habitats and its lack of rats and other introduced predators…

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Sea Lion Lodge is working hard to improve its environmental sustainability for the benefit of the Island and our guests. The Lodge is a corporate member of Falklands Conservation and works in close collaboration arranging annual tussac planting weekends…

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Designated as a National Nature Reserve, Sea Lion Island is the Falklands’ gemstone. With no introduced rodents, invasive species or farming activity, the flora, including expansive areas of tussac grass, has flourished. Here you will see all the Falklands’ endemic bird species, including Cobb’s wrens and tussac birds, along with 40 other species of birds that make Sea Lion Island their home.

Your hosts at Sea Lion Island have more than 20 years’ experience in environmental and wildlife conservation, and are leading the way in environmental sustainable tourism at the Falkland Islands. In 2018 Sea Lion Island was voted as one of the 7 wonders of the Falkland Islands.

Covid-19 Information for International Guests

On 23 July 2021 the Falkland Islands Government confirmed the airlink with Chile and Brazil remains suspended until at least 01 February 2022. The re-establishment of these airlinks are under review as of April 2022.

Please visit for the current and updated quarantine and visitor policies for international guests.

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